Break Free Natural Wine

Break Free natural wines are born from a desire to showcase grapes with no intervention, to hero a true expression of their essence.

Break Free wines centre around appreciating a grape’s heritage and flavour.

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the break free natural wine story

Born from the trials & travels of Trudy Stacy

When Nick and I started Clandestine Vineyards, it was a moment of absolute clarity for us both. We were chasing our shared dream. Nick has 30 years of experience in the wine game, which is a huge asset to me and to our business. But I also wanted to break free and express myself on my terms.

For many years, I focused on being a Mum and a career woman, serving the corporate world for 3 decades. I came to a place where I wanted to put the right things first. It took serious challenges to figure out who I could be. To recognise what drives me. But I am there. I am proud. And I want to share what it’s all about.

  • It’s the people I surround myself with; the family and friends that challenge and cherish me.
  • It’s the heart and authenticity of Australian food and wine that I enjoy and share with these same family and friends.
  • It’s travelling all over the world and seeing and tasting the local food of local people, sharing in the pride and passion in why they cook a certain way or make particular style of wine.

I wanted to broaden our horizon to include the natural wine market. I wanted to showcase grapes with no intervention, to hero a true expression of their essence. Vin Nat is a fantastic opportunity to appreciate a grape’s heritage and flavour. The wines we have selected to form a part of Break Free symbolise the parts of my life that signify balance and clarity.

From the Red of the Earth
That symbolises Nick and Trudy Stacy's home in Western Australia
To the blue of the ocean
That Nick and Trudy Stacy walk their wonderful dogs along
From a blissful Perth sunset
That Nick and Trudy Stacy share every day
To the lushest green vines
Producing these delicious Natural Wines that Break Free offers

So what is Natural wine?

“Vin Nat” or “Natural Wine” is not a style, a taste or a smell. It doesn’t mean a cloudy, liquid brimming with volatility, neither does it represent a star-bright, manicured creation that feels polished to perfection. It could be either of those things, or neither. 

What most people understand by “natural wine” is a wine “with nothing added.” 

The term “natural wine” signifies to consumers, retailers and other interested parties that the wine was made with the minimum possible intervention in both vineyard and cellar.

It is indicative of an overarching philosophy or set of ideals that we and the growers we work with adhere to: to let nature rather than technology take center stage.

What this means in practice is that farming will adhere (at minimum) to organic or biodynamic principles (so absolutely no synthetic inputs to the vineyard) and the fermentation will be spontaneous, without any corrections or additions at any stage. It will be unfiltered and unfined, with either very little or no added sulphites. 

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