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Nick and Trudy Stacy are backed by decades of industry experience and time-earned wisdom, sourcing fruit from some of the most exceptional yet impossible to access vineyards.

Pairing these rare harvests with the perfect winemaker, each hand-picked with the same discretion as the fruit itself. Tied to no one location, GI, or house style, we create extraordinary wines from unplundered fruits that lay beyond the reach of most. These are the Clandestine Vineyards.

With each wine that they craft, every piece of the winemaking puzzle has been carefully considered and deftly executed. However, knowing who, what, where and when is not enough.

The secret to making these wines lies within relationships that take time and trust to forge—something that simply can’t be bought. The key to these crucial relationships is held by our founders, Nick and Trudy. Between the two of them is over three decades of selling, buying, discovering, and crafting wine.

They are the mind, the heart and the soul of Clandestine Vineyards. They understand great wine and they know how to unlock it—with a vision for every vintage that runs all the way from vine to glass.

About Nick


Nick’s love affair with wine began at 16 years of age, working in hospitality; where he quickly developed an underage cellar of some of Australia’s great wines.

By age 23, he had commenced his first wine distribution business, based in Perth, Western Australia. Within ten years, Nick created a stunning portfolio of some of the best Australian and international wine producers and in 2003, sold the business to a small French concern (LVMH).

Later that year, Nick joined Great Southern producer, West Cape Howe Wines as Sales & Marketing Manager and in 2007 created Vinaceous Wines as partner, visionary and Managing Director.

In 2020, Nick separated from Vinaceous Wines where he and wife Trudy acquired ‘Clandestine Vineyards’ which Nick created in 2015. With a love of Chablis, cooking, vintage sports cars and with great humour, Nick works, lives and breathes the wine game.

In both 2011 and 2013, Nick was included in Wine Business Monthly Magazine’s Top 50 Stars of the Australian Wine Industry.

About Trudy

owner & VINTNER

Trudy brings a diverse set of skills to Clandestine Vineyards with over 30 years in the fast-paced corporate world of project management. She also has extensive experience in hospitality and food & wine-based event operations and logistics.

A keen eye for detail and a love of design, fashion and art, her real passion is her natural ability in communication and providing spaces and events that keep people coming back for more.

A love of Champagne, red and white Burgundy and travel to Italy and Spain exploring noted wine regions, Trudy quickly developed her palate to suit Barolo, Barbaresco, but also exquisite fine, dry Rose. Her knowledge has been fast-tracked by taking time to ask questions to leading winemakers on how their wine is made from vineyard to bottle and the stories behind the labels.

About Roxy


A little too smart and a little too sassy, Roxy never misses anything when it comes to friends, family or new acquaintances when they come to visit and taste some wine – she’ll greet them with great enthusiasm and waggly tail that shakes for entire body! Over the last two years, she’s developed her own language, so we know what she wants at any time. If dogs could drink wine, Roxy would prefer Shiraz – bold, rich and a little spice – and warming to the heart. Likes a good run at the park, chasing birds and parties. Not so keen on baths or vacuum cleaners.

About Lola


Lola is a new soul on Earth; gentle and calm, and only exists for cuddles and love…but, if she is challenged at the park, she can become a little spritzy…after all, she is a terrier! Lola is obsessed with food. So much so, she’ll often sit in front of the kitchen fridge, as if it will magically open and treats will fall directly into her mouth. She’s the first to wake up every morning at 6.00AM on the dot; if only for a quick cuddle and to ask for breakfast, then it’s back into bed. Lola would love Gamay or Pinot or Grenache over a long lunch. Loves the beach, tummy rubs and car trips. Not too keen on Roxy’s barking.