C Drew Haddon releases for 2015

This is a C Drew Haddon masterpost. I think a few of these are on Stickfigure Records.

Warning Light “Heavens Above, Heavens Below”
Warning Light “Quiet on the Homefront EP”
Warning Light “Ambient Summer Collected”
Warning Light “Oftenchance”

Snowbride “Fateful 808s”
Snowbride “Eclipsing Visions EP”

Outer Gods “Ascend Unto the Seventh Throne”
Outer Gods “Inauguration of a Dying Sun”


High Marks “Deathnotes EP”


Sareth Den “Arcadian Wanderer demo”
Sareth Den “A Stranger in the Garden demo”


Seeing the Sights “The Lament Configuration”


Published by clandestineritual

Experimental darkwave musician from Atlanta GA. http://denderabloodbath.com

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