Georgia’s Resurgence of Chamber Music

This musical format was especially popular prior to the advent of amplification as it allowed for the enjoyment of acoustic music produced by only a few musicians. For this reason, flourishing house venues and a resurgence in this art form go hand-in-hand. Unlike the traditional idea of chamber music, which is still prevalent, electronic instruments have opened up new tools for musicians to use to create a new style of chamber music. Not only are the old styles of music still embraced, but noise and experimental musicians have also embraced this centuries-old forum.

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Battery Powered Noise Fest, Oct 2015 (ATH)

Magic Lantern Concert Series (ATL)

Some clips from the Erasery in Savannah GA

Additional videos featuring DUX, Eyedrum, and Rin Larping, among others…

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Experimental darkwave musician from Atlanta GA.

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