Biblical Magick

I was reading a short passage from Leviticus to my daughter yesterday — a passage documenting this very detailed sacrifice of a bull and two goats, sprinkling their blood on the mercy seat. One goat was sacrificed, and then of course the other was the scapegoat. That goat was released into the wilderness.

Suzy feigned discontent on the basis of boredom, but I feel like the passage more likely made her uncomfortable because sacrifice ritual is not discussed in the context of magick in church. More often we are taught of the bread and wine ritual which took place at the Last Supper, framed within the sacrifice of Christ but divorced from magick.

The Bible, even in its dilute and corrupt current state, is still full of magickal rituals which are still very useful. Perhaps you are already using this in your life.

A great campaign has been at work within the Christian faith since its inception that there are two sides, good and evil, and if you do not worship the Judaeo-Christian God you are engaged in witchcraft. This is half true. Prayer is also witchcraft.

Depolarization is crucial to truly harnessing the essence of your environment. Mindfulness also helps with this process, but in some cases revisiting seminal belief systems from a completely different context can knock the bottom out of your bucket.

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