Dean Wheat — Incarnation


This album will be available in physical release, which is a c30 cassette and a zine, for $10 USD beginning April 29 2016. Album release show will be at the Basement of Bad Decisions.

Georgia’s Resurgence of Chamber Music

This musical format was especially popular prior to the advent of amplification as it allowed for the enjoyment of acoustic music produced by only a few musicians. For this reason, flourishing house venues and a resurgence in this art form go hand-in-hand. Unlike the traditional idea of chamber music, which is still prevalent, electronic instruments have opened up new tools for musicians to use to create a new style of chamber music. Not only are the old styles of music still embraced, but noise and experimental musicians have also embraced this centuries-old forum.

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Battery Powered Noise Fest, Oct 2015 (ATH)

Magic Lantern Concert Series (ATL)

Some clips from the Erasery in Savannah GA

Additional videos featuring DUX, Eyedrum, and Rin Larping, among others…

Sonic Sigils by Douglas Lucas

sonic sigils

This nifty, slim tome is available from Catland NYC as well as from the author via

Having worked a bit with sonic magick myself I was eager to wrap my wizened claws around a copy of this work. Its succinct and elegant wording were exactly what I’d hoped. The different methods included gave me much food for thought. Highly recommended!

C Drew Haddon releases for 2015

This is a C Drew Haddon masterpost. I think a few of these are on Stickfigure Records.

Warning Light “Heavens Above, Heavens Below”
Warning Light “Quiet on the Homefront EP”
Warning Light “Ambient Summer Collected”
Warning Light “Oftenchance”

Snowbride “Fateful 808s”
Snowbride “Eclipsing Visions EP”

Outer Gods “Ascend Unto the Seventh Throne”
Outer Gods “Inauguration of a Dying Sun”

High Marks “Deathnotes EP”

Sareth Den “Arcadian Wanderer demo”
Sareth Den “A Stranger in the Garden demo”

Seeing the Sights “The Lament Configuration”

Magick and Secrecy

Magick is often cloaked from public view for myriad reasons. First, many are nonbelievers and those drawn to magick surely respect the opinions of those from different faiths. Nonbelievers and their skepticism may also bring unnecessarily negative energy into a working and either render it ineffective or change the intent and cause a misfire. One school of argument, often seen with voodoo or hexing, relies on the subject’s awareness of magick being carried out on them. Magick used for the direct manipulation of another person has much potential to end up hurting the spellworker if used unwisely, and perhaps enmity is best expressed in one’s own heart that positive energy may be radiated outward into the world. Keeping an enemy closer than a friend requires a certain element of trust.

Finally, any spell, casting, or ritual that has been made public comes under the scrutiny of anyone aware of its existence, whether for good or ill. In the case of a coven working in unison, all members are acutely practiced for the task at hand. Unlike the generalized prayer requests in times of illness or strife, a spell is typically much more thought out and planned.

If someone disagrees with your working and decides to work against it, you may both be caught in a battle of wills that no one ends up winning.