Dendera Bloodbath/Cloaca Sisters split cassette

cassette tape + shipping

one sparkly cassette tape with Dendera Bloodbath — you can lead a horse to water but I don’t have a dog in that fight on one side and Cloaca Sisters — PURPLE SHIT #2 on the other.


SWEATBAND RECORDS PRESENTS An intimate experience with two amazing West Coast noise acts

Petit Sac — Sac adopted many nicknames: Embryonicpetitsac, Petit Sac, or sometimes just Sac. Sac then started gravitating away from samples and into midi-NES samples mixed with vocal sounds/screaming. Sac’s consistent set up tended to be that of a DJ mixer and 1 to 3 Korg Kaoss pads
Endometrium Cuntplow — Forest electronics queen and goddess of nectar. Queer noise from the valley. Plants and animals. Tree hugging devil music from everybody’s least favorite ghost. Touching for sure and perhaps even a kiss or two. Get in there super close, please. Tip her, always. #angrygirltime #sadgirltime
Thank you for your time, I love you.

darkwave and harsh noise. Some industrial or country vibes do get thrown around. Magick and spellwork comprise a lot of the subject matter, and ritual is very intertwined in the music.

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