v a p o r w a v e Lenormand

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|||LIMITED STOCK||| 100 decks made, 99 available for purchase 36-card deck of Lenormand cards using vaporwave aesthetics and with non-gendered significator cards “self” and “other”. See photos for more. Served up in a teal box with pull ribbon for easy access with a side serving of instructions. The QR code inside the lid will bring you to this site. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS please add $10 USD to cover extra shipping costs!!!


rider – expect a visitor soon, possibly bearing news

clover – fast luck, augments adjacent cards

ship – travel or trafficking of goods

house – represents your home, adjacent cards will describe the state of your home

tree – deep roots and longevity of a situation

clouds – storms on the horizon

snake – betrayal, can mean a brunette with glasses

coffin – cycles ending, rarely death

scythe – eliminating adjacent elements

bouquet – a gift or flirtation

whip – discipline or harshness of adjacent cards

birds – conversation, gossip, or social media

child – something new or simple, can also represent a child

stork – something in the adjacent cards being brought to you

fox – as a descriptor cleverness, can also represent contract work

bear – as a descriptor strength, can also represent a powerful person

star – goals, hopes, dreams

dog – loyalty, strong friendship

tower – can represent control, otherwise corporations and government

garden – social groups and networks

mountain – obstacles, especially when between two cards

crossroads – a choice between two paths, shows either/or questions

mouse – erosion, something being slowly dissolved

heart – love, where true passion lies

ring – commitment, legal contract

book – secrets, knowledge

letter – written communication directed from one person to another

self – significator of the querent

other – significator for other people in the querent’s life

lily – can symbolize purity or innocence but can also represent advanced age

sun – success, augments adjacent cards

moon – lack of clarity, one’s career, or the arts depending on adjacent cards

key – something requiring extra attention

fish – money

anchor – established situations, good for stability but not for mobility

cross – burdens

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