List of Releases

CRR1 — Nunca Burro: [wr wr wr]/Never Donkey split c90 SOLD OUT

CRR2 — Dendera Bloodbath — Queen of the Cauldron Born c60 SOLD OUT

CRR3 — Lou Lou & Bird — Soundpaintings 2014 c60

c60 cassette +ship

10.00 $

CRR4 — dadamalvo — Hypnagogia 2 c60

Cassette folio with zine +ship

35.00 $

CRR5 — Dendera Bloodbath — Xaoate EP minidisc SOLD OUT

CRR6 — Dean Wheat — Incarnation c30 + zine

c30 and zine combo +ship

20.00 $

CRR7 — Dendera Bloodbath — Blackout//Fugue: Servitor DVD

I knew that I could not stay in Atlanta. Already my project Dendera Bloodbath was playing out of town every other weekend and sometimes in between. As I traveled I compiled these clips, using them to capture essence from every place I traveled. Georgia does appear a lot in the film, whether a waterfall in Rabun County or the top of Stone Mountain shrouded in fog. While this place will always inform who I am I cannot find a home nor solace there. Through the creation of this servitor I was propelling myself toward my true place in the world. My plan was to tour the east coast for two weeks to cast the spell. Right before I was supposed to leave a chain of events unfolded. My ex (now deceased) who appears in the waterfall scene broke the back windshield of my car with his fist and I took that opportunity to move in with my parents. Leading up to my trip I focused on getting myself aligned. My father wakes up very early and would often be searching things on his laptop quietly in the living room as I slept in the parlor. One morning he was searching hyssop as he had been reading the psalms. This and other such interactions helped me understand how I should be protecting myself magically. The tour was a success — I broke even — and I returned to my parents’ home to continue planning my next move. All this time I was still working at an animal research facility in Atlanta, driving by night to shows in different states, returning in the wee hours only to take a short nap and go back to work.
One afternoon I took a nap and it seemed as though I was listening in on my parents talking about buying a house as an investment property that I would be allowed to occupy rent free. The other part of the dream was that the house was located in West Hills CA. At that time I didnt know very much about Los Angeles. The two parts of the dream did end up coming to pass.

DVD +ship

20.00 $

CRR8 — Rishad Alam/Dendera Bloodbath — Unfurled Flag Immolation Technique c30 split

c30 cassette +ship

10.00 $

CRR9 — dok v — Damage Control c60/MIMIC zine

c60 and zine combo +ship

20.00 $

CRR10 — Deep Pit Steep Cliff — s/t c47 fall 2019 tour release

c60 cassette +ship

15.00 $

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